Announcing the Pub Quiz, open to all showcomers

Are you coming to EGX London in a couple of weeks? If you are, what are you doing on the Friday and Saturday evenings? Nothing? Oh that’s wonderful because I’d like to invite you to a pub quiz!

Well it’s not actually in a pub so I’m telling a bit of a fib – it’s at EGX in the ExCel Centre, on the live stage. All you have to do is turn up and you can use your mobile phone to join in. How fancy is that? No annoying sheets of paper to faff around with, no passing answers to the team next to you who will competitively mark you down. Just you and your friends having a nice sit down and a nice time.

And guess who your quizmaster is going to be? Why, it’s me! Silly old me.

So, now that you’re convinced, let’s talk about times. Pub Quiz 1, as I’m poetically calling it, takes place Friday, 23rd September, 6-8pm. Pub Quiz 2 takes place Saturday, 24th September, 8-10pm. A bit later, a bit naughtier – that’s what I say.

Come and test your brains, or just come and gather as you power down from the day that has been. It’ll be lovely to see you there.