Pig captured after days on the loose in North Carolina

Animal control officers in North Carolina captured a pig that had been seen wandering loose through a neighborhood for at least two days.

Residents of the Birchwood Hills neighborhood in Raleigh said the pig had been seen darting through yards and driveways since at least Saturday without any human supervision.

Raleigh Animal Control officers responded Monday when the pig was found hiding under a resident’s deck and they ended up chasing the animal to another yard where it sought refuge under another deck.

The officers were eventually able to lure the pig out with food and took the animal to the Blind Spot Sanctuary.

The sanctuary said the pig’s owner will have 10 days to come forward and claim their pet before it is put up for adoption.

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services in Texas faced a similar mystery last month when two pigs of unknown origins were rounded up after about a week of wandering loose through residential neighborhoods.